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Welcome to Postgrad Insight!

Welcome to Postgrad Insight - a place to find out about what life as a postgrad is really like. This may be useful for anyone considering further study and would benefit from listening to the experiences of current students, including their progression from undergraduate study, opportunities for work experience and extracurricular activities, and plans for the future (amongst many others!)

We hope you find the blog useful. If you're still unsure about whether postgrad study is the right option for you, then you should also consider booking an appointment to talk to one of our careers advisers. They can talk you through all your options and offer suggestions on how you can make your decision, as well as review your application statement and prepare for interviews. 

Please do tell us what you think - it's what the comments section is there for!

Sarah Bows
Postgraduate Taught Projects Officer, Careers Service

Careers Service

Careers Service

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