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Why I chose my postgrad degree

Having studied International and European Law as an undergrad, I developed a keen interest in legal governance during times of peace and war. In order to gain a greater understanding, I decided to study the International Law and Global Justice LLM, so that I could focus on particular issues affecting current global challenges at a much greater depth, as well as how to respond to the new growing concerns in this area.

I used a similar approach to choosing my undergraduate degree and visited several different universities. I also was put in contact with current master’s students who could give me support and guidance based on their own experiences, which proved to be very helpful. I also researched the course structure and the modules that were on offer, so that I could weigh up which course to choose.

Finding out ways in which universities could support me academically was also important. The Sheffield Law School offers numerous research seminars in addition to my degree. These are run by the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law with a host of legal and academic speakers, offering stimulating and insightful lectures on topical and current areas of the law.

After graduation I hope to work in the public sector for an international organisation or a governmental department where I can apply my knowledge to practical situations. Choosing my course has allowed me to not only gain an excellent understanding of my subject, but also develop my critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. These will be invaluable as I pursue my goals for the future.

Natasha Gooden, LLM International Law and Global Justice
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  1. Primary, secondary, tertiary, graduation and finally post graduation before getting into profession is the chain followed by students. Will follow the same after clearing the entrance exam. Critical reasoning and calculative questions provided by LSAT Prep Courses are really very tough. But will be useful to lay standards for real exam.


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