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What great things can you learn if you choose to study in another country?

Hi there,

This is Maha and this time I would like to share with you some of the benefits of studying abroad, in a completely new and different environment from where I grew up and worked.

The architecture:
This is hardly surprising, as an architecture student! But one of the best things about going to another country to study and live for one or more years is the wonderful architecture, beautiful in its own way and which varies greatly from historical buildings constructed hundreds of years ago. Like the Diamond building! The more pictures you get of a building you like, the better and more often the buildings speak for themselves. If you look at the Sir Frederick Mapping Building (pictured), you can see it is a huge, well-maintained old building which has its own beauty that cannot be matched with any new building of this size because it has a traditional importance.

Meeting new people:
Moving to a new country gives you a better understanding of the people who live there, which may be different from the image portrayed in the media. Coming to Sheffield to study was a great experience for me because the people here are so friendly and everybody gives you a warm and welcoming feeling. Furthermore, you get to meet with people from all over the world and the more you talk to them, the more you learn about their cultures. This will improve your communication skills and most importantly how to respect each other’s points of view.

When you get your student visa, you get the chance to explore your new home, such as famous places like London, Edinburgh, the Peak District etc. This gives you a better understanding of the culture and other traditions, particularly new styles of food and cooking!

Studying abroad has many benefits that help you develop more as a person. I hope you will consider this too!

Maha Sohail, MSc Architectural Engineering Design graduate
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