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The inner sanctum of a postgraduate mental health professional

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step..... 

This was the case for me when I enrolled as a post graduate student in September. This journey was brisk, bright with a modicum of hope and interesting (particularly during freshers’ week). The amalgamation of expectation and excitement was palpable as we were ushered into the school of health and related research. Meeting colleagues from far and wide with varying shades of experience and academic background was a foretaste of the unrivalled friendship waiting to blossom.

Eight weeks into the semester and with an exam already behind me, you start to get a feeling of what postgraduate study really feels like. The level of in-depth analysis, independent study; group allocations; seminars, class discussions, a barrage of looming essays and the momentous dissertation topic; all allude to the difference in expectation and expertise required at a postgraduate level. There is also a zest to achieve a work- study balance.

Overall, this journey so far; has been worth it and hopefully will take me to the promise land with less than a thousand miles........

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