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My experience of studying for a Masters in Public Health

Studying the MPH Public Health at the School of Health and Related Research has enlightened me about the key issues in global health and their possible impacts. In addition, I have learnt to see health from a collective perspective, rather than the individual view point I had as a clinician.

Experienced public health experts have helped to introduce the practicalities within this area and how they can be applied to improve the health of any chosen population around the world. Furthermore, I have improved my critical thinking and English writing skills. I am very impressed by the efficient library services offered here, which has enhanced my overall study experience.

Studying here as an international student from Nigeria so far has been exciting. Sheffield is a friendly and yet lively city that offers the best of British culture and a fantastic transport system with multiple places to go shopping at affordable rates. The international community is also fully represented, with people from all over the world making it a rich, multicultural city and this has translated into the diversity of restaurants available. I have enjoyed eating at the Turkish, Indian and Nigerian restaurants and hope to visit others soon.

Adjusting to the weather was something I had to do and, so far, the cold has not been as unbearable as I thought it would be! Living in this vibrant city has so far been fulfilling and I look forward to staying here to do a PhD when I’ve finished my Masters.

Suleiman Elijah Mshelia, MPH Public Health
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