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Returning to study later on in life

Having retired from 35 years of teaching and lecturing, I was keen to keep my brain working. So I decided to do an online master's degree in English Studies. Although English was the subject I had taught for many years, my first degree (44 years ago) was in Philosophy. So it appealed to me to finally get an English degree. However, I didn't want to commit to set lectures times. So I chose a part time course that I could fit study round my (already) busy life.  

One term in and I am loving it! Though, when I see all the emails coming in about the range of activities on campus, I am very jealous. I feel my first degree may have come too early in my life, both academically and socially. I'd make so much more of it if I were to do it all again now!

The course isn’t without its challenges, especially, I should think, for those with jobs and families. That said, it has been an excellent decision for me and I would recommend it to other “oldies” not yet ready to switch off the brain cells!

Jil Wallis, MA English Studies (online)
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