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My internship experience

I have just completed a PAS internship arranged through the University as part of my MSc in Data Science. The internship involved working with the Sheffield City Council, on a project to assist in the better identification of vulnerable people in an emergency situation. My role on the project has been to conduct an initial investigation, identifying any relevant data sources available which could be used in the next phase of the project in the future. 

This project has been such a wonderful experience. I have gained lots of practical experience and the council are really happy with my work, so much so, that they are discussing how to use the recommendations I have made on how they take the next stage of the project forward. Which is an absolutely incredible feeling, and such a confidence boost, showing me what I am learning is practically useful in industry. 

The PAS team in the Careers office have also been brilliant, at every step in the process. The team are efficient and really supportive. I was provided with everything I needed, at every step, and they arranged everything really quickly. They even sent me a message to check I was settling in ok, to see if I needed any additional support. 

Doing the PAS scheme I think so far has been such a big highlight to my degree. I would absolutely recommend to anyone that doing an internship program through the University is really beneficial. The industry experience is really valuable both personally and professionally. The careers team are fabulous and really look after the students they work with, and the university has affiliations with great companies. It really is a win situation all around.

Sarah Miller, MSc Data Science
Careers Service

Careers Service

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