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Why I love my postgrad course

I chose to do a Master's in Management because it offers me the opportunity to practice while learning theoretical knowledge as well. 

During the course, we have looked at many case studies, which makes me feel that I am dealing with real-life and relevant problems. The most interesting thing has been the company project, which has given me the opportunity to work as a management consultant for a multinational company, gaining practical experience and increasing my employability. I have also secured a place to study at a leading university in Europe this summer!

The university has helped me to find a mentor to guide my career plans, which has helped me a lot with job applications and life philosophy. Moreover, the Careers Service advisors are helpful; these enthusiastic people are eager to offer help and even invite successful alumni from industries to share their career experience with us.

Last but not the least, the Student's Union at Sheffield is the largest one in the UK. It has more than 300 clubs for you choose, which is excellent for students. Btw, Sheffield didn’t pay me to write this post! I just enjoy my life here which has the no.1 student experience in the UK and I love it. In a word, there are so many things in the university for you to explore. Once you joined us, you have lots of things to do. What are you waiting for?

Hailong Hui, MSc Management
Careers Service

Careers Service

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