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Worrying is ok (in moderation)!

If, like me, you’re prone to worrying, I’m here to tell you its okay. It’s okay to worry about applying for graduate jobs, its okay to worry about that dissertation proposal you ‘just can’t get right’ and it's okay to want to spend some time not worrying.

You get to spend three years at undergraduate level preparing for what your dissertation topic might be and then when it comes to postgraduate level you have all of two minutes before someone asks you the dreaded question “What’s your dissertation on?” It might feel like this one year is on fast-forward and you can’t find a way to slow it down, but an MA one year course lasts approximately 347 days, and each day is yours.

Take a breath and remember you got this far because you smashed it as an undergraduate and you have it in you to be successful as a postgraduate. Worrying plays a big part in university life but it doesn’t have to ruin the experience. Spend some time having fun and then spend some time organising yourself. It’s a lot easier to feel on top of your workload when you have a plan and trust me, you’ll worry less.

Denise Cox, MA Sociological Studies
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