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Try new things!

I don’t know where and what I will be doing in two years. Since I’m obsessed with long term plans, this thought scares me to death. When I was 14, just to give you an example, I had already told myself and anybody around that I wanted to get a degree in philosophy.

I’m immensely grateful for the time I have spent here in Sheffield. Philosophy and university life in general, in Italy, are a completely different world. Often, for instance, we don’t realise that a career in philosophy could mean finding our own voice and joining the international debate. We usually say “Good morning professor” instead of “Hi Jenny”. We don’t have proper societies or unions.

In a sense, I also had a hard time here. I had some problems back home – but, above all, I have been discovering so much about myself and the world that sometimes I couldn’t process all the relevant information on time.

My plans for the future are vague. Generally speaking, I want to try new things. Things that I could try only here or that I was too scared to try before. Things like going to a ball, colouring my hair, working outside academia, acting, failing...

This is also my piece of advice to anyone is reading this: go out and try new things! The world is such an enormous place! Nowadays it’s so easy to travel around it. If you are unsatisfied with what you have, most likely you are not flawed, but just in a flawed place. Go out and try new things! If you feel bored or slightly unfulfilled, go out and try new things! Otherwise doubt and bitterness and self-contempt could start eating your own gut. I genuinely don’t believe the world is just inhabited by pink unicorns. For sure, the night is dark and full of terrors. But knowing that you faced them and are still here to talk about them is so empowering. Go out and try new things!

If you feel like doing it, you could also look for me. We could have a chat or try something new together.

Eleonora Bonzagni, MA Philosophy 
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