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4 things I gained from postgrad life at Sheffield

Studying at the University of Sheffield has not only been fulfilling for my ambitions for higher level study, but also has served as a lifetime experience. It’s enabled me to learn the following things…

Respect for intercultural differences:

The media often shapes our opinions about people from different countries, which can be found to be completely different if we get a chance to meet these people in person. The first and foremost principle in our lives should be to respect the diversity in our world, whether it is in the form of religions or multiple cultures. University gives us the platform where we can know people from all over the world, learn about their cultures and respect their opinions.

For me it was great to meet people from all over the world and I can now vouch for my absolute respect for team working anywhere, irrespective of their cultures, religions or countries.

Ability to carry out research:

In many countries, an undergraduate degree does not hold major influence on research. But with a postgraduate degree, you will almost certainly do research in each of your modules. The University of Sheffield has some great resources for researchers, and staff are highly trained to help you in your research process. It can be tough for many students who are not used to reading literature, like it was for me, but it surely teaches you how to carry out research in the real world of academics.

Methods of networking:

During my undergrad studies, I was more of a studious person with a busy social life. As a postgrad, I realised it’s great to meet people whether they are university students or potential employers at networking events. I was able to expand my connections by regularly visiting departmental workshops or careers fairs and realised that it was great for my career growth.

It also helped me to talk professionally with people from reputed companies who are looking for future employees. The University Careers Service also offers useful material to help you grow your social circle. Likewise, Sheffield Global Campus offers many events where you can make new friends and network with other university students.

Good grades are not the only thing that matter!

Like I mentioned above, networking is highly important if you want to start your career on a great note. Good grades surely help you advance, but if you don’t have great interpersonal skills you may not be able to secure a good job. Similarly, I learnt how to write job applications in a way that can allow me to express how my postgrad knowledge is valuable to employers. 

Additionally, it’s better for you to have indulged in extracurricular activities, as not a single company want pure nerds or book worms ( life outside of books!)

Thanks for reading - I hope you find my blog useful!

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Careers Service

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