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A time to breathe

"Yay!!! It’s holiday time! I finally have some time to myself to make my own deadlines, set my own pace and just go with the flow"… these were my exact words on the 16th of December.

The past twelve weeks of the autumn semester have been like a roller coaster ride for me, and I found myself wishing more often than not that someone would hit the ‘pause’ button. But no, it was not to be...

Coming from a very different educational background, it took quite a few weeks to adjust to the friendly, somewhat informal relationship between tutors and students, the online mode of learning, and the relatively fast pace of teaching. I'd like to share with you some of the things I found myself doing that helped relieve the stress:
  • Talking to my friends and personal tutor about the challenges I was facing – it’s surprising how therapeutic this can be!
  • Challenging myself to undertake the bigger tasks first - you know what they say about eating the ugliest frog first!
  • Planning my week ahead so that I felt more prepared
  • Finding opportunities to laugh - at myself and with other people. Don't let your studies take over your life
  • And lastly, staying positive.

Going forward into the new year, I chose to take life one day at a time, visit my new family here in Sheffield, take bucket loads of pictures, and have fun building a snowman – I’m not too old for that now, am I?

Blessing Alele, MPH Public Health
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